Poprageous Robotic Post (Business) Battle

Today, I wore Poprageous Robotic Leggings – Post Battle. I love the heavy shoes (classic Doc Martens) with this outfit, as it goes well with the battle theme of the leggings. Yet, as shirt I chose a wine T-Shirt and an asymmetrically cut black cardigan, which breaks the toughness of the outfit and provides something… Continue reading Poprageous Robotic Post (Business) Battle

Star Wars Leggings by J.Q. Hammer

This is the J.Q. Hammer: Rule the Galaxy leggings from Poprageous. When I got it, I was taken by surprise, because from the photos on the Poprageous website, I remembered Darth Vader to be black & white, and not black & rose. But, after I got some time to get adjusted to it, now I… Continue reading Star Wars Leggings by J.Q. Hammer