Video Interview with Jeffrey Scott, Better Known as the Tights Guy

Jeffrey Scott, better known as the Tights Guy, has quit his day job as IT project manager to fully dedicate himself to grow his tights empire. Any tight – or meggings – that you order, is handmade by him. In this interview he shares his thoughts about what drives his business, what get’s him inspired,… Continue reading Video Interview with Jeffrey Scott, Better Known as the Tights Guy

Free Your Mind – With Jeffrey Scott’s Graffiti Leggings

This is probably the best made pair of leggings I own. Jeffrey is not only sewing them all by himself – this is why orders do have a lead time of several weeks. He is also customizing your pair individually to Your wishes. But, let’s take a look at the outfit first. In this style,… Continue reading Free Your Mind – With Jeffrey Scott’s Graffiti Leggings

Retro Cassette Leggings by Nebelkind

I’ve got a split brain regarding this pair of leggings. It’s one of my recent additions to my – can you call it a collection already? I bought the Rec. Leggings from Nebelkind as soon as I learned that they are a German company. They probably don’t manufacture themselves in Germany, but it’s a welcome change… Continue reading Retro Cassette Leggings by Nebelkind

Video-Interview with Kapow Meggings

Jordan, Founder and CEO of Kapow Meggings, was kind enough to answer some of my questions. He shares my insights into the creative process of producing meggings, what new designs and products might be coming in the future, and also talks about the history of his company and what keeps him motivated. When I first… Continue reading Video-Interview with Kapow Meggings

Poprageous Robotic Post (Business) Battle

Today, I wore Poprageous Robotic Leggings – Post Battle. I love the heavy shoes (classic Doc Martens) with this outfit, as it goes well with the battle theme of the leggings. Yet, as shirt I chose a wine T-Shirt and an asymmetrically cut black cardigan, which breaks the toughness of the outfit and provides something… Continue reading Poprageous Robotic Post (Business) Battle