That’s How I Like Waffles

As summer comes to an end, I wanted to share with you some shots, which I took over two months ago already, in midst huge fields of grass and wheat. I’m wearing a pair of Waffle Meggings from asos: it’s dark grey, mostly cotton and features a waffle structure. Because of the fabric, the fit… Continue reading That’s How I Like Waffles

It’s Golden!

Before I first got my first pair of golden leggings, I was unsure what to expect. How do they feel? Are they as stretchy and comfortable as the other ones? What can or should I wear them with? What will it look like? In the end, I liked the look much better that I expected.… Continue reading It’s Golden!

Meggings or Skinny Jeans?

Mliae blogged about Kapow Meggings a while ago, and in the comments there was a mother’s remark that her son was horrified by the sight of them … but took on skinny jeans in the following months. I could not help but mention a pair of meggings that I bought from asos a while back.… Continue reading Meggings or Skinny Jeans?