Star Wars Leggings by J.Q. Hammer

This is the J.Q. Hammer: Rule the Galaxy leggings from Poprageous. When I got it, I was taken by surprise, because from the photos on the Poprageous website, I remembered Darth Vader to be black & white, and not black & rose. But, after I got some time to get adjusted to it, now I… Continue reading Star Wars Leggings by J.Q. Hammer

New Rampaging Hulk Leggings by BlackMilk

I just got my latest pair of leggings. It’s a matte finish one from BlackMilk, Rampaging Hulk by Marvel Comics, and I just love it. In the photo, you can see how I combined the black and white leggings with red Puma sneakers and a red T-Shirt under a grey longshirt (H&M). I like how… Continue reading New Rampaging Hulk Leggings by BlackMilk

Are You Serious?

Yes I am. I believe that leggings are pants. For women – and also for men. In this blog, I don’t nourish false hopes that one day, leggings (or meggings) will be an everyday sight on men, but I would like to encourage those who would like to wear them, in public, as fashion, to… Continue reading Are You Serious?