That’s How I Like Waffles

As summer comes to an end, I wanted to share with you some shots, which I took over two months ago already, in midst huge fields of grass and wheat. I’m wearing a pair of Waffle Meggings from asos: it’s dark grey, mostly cotton and features a waffle structure. Because of the fabric, the fit… Continue reading That’s How I Like Waffles

It’s Golden!

Before I first got my first pair of golden leggings, I was unsure what to expect. How do they feel? Are they as stretchy and comfortable as the other ones? What can or should I wear them with? What will it look like? In the end, I liked the look much better that I expected.… Continue reading It’s Golden!

Paisley from sTitch Leggings – Another Classic

When I first saw the sTitch leggings with paisley pattern, I instantly fell in love with it, and it didn’t take long, until I bought them. What I liked was the green color, and the playful, but not too crazy design. The black paisley was visible on the dark green background, but at the same… Continue reading Paisley from sTitch Leggings – Another Classic

Tartan Leggings – Better Than A Kilt

You still might be asked, what You are wearing underneath. But apart from than, you get all the comfort of a pair of leggings with the classic tartan pattern. I’m not saying that Kilts are uncomfortable (on the contrary), but also … they are not leggings 🙂 This pair of tartan leggings is from London… Continue reading Tartan Leggings – Better Than A Kilt

Free Your Mind – With Jeffrey Scott’s Graffiti Leggings

This is probably the best made pair of leggings I own. Jeffrey is not only sewing them all by himself – this is why orders do have a lead time of several weeks. He is also customizing your pair individually to Your wishes. But, let’s take a look at the outfit first. In this style,… Continue reading Free Your Mind – With Jeffrey Scott’s Graffiti Leggings

Meggings or Skinny Jeans?

Mliae blogged about Kapow Meggings a while ago, and in the comments there was a mother’s remark that her son was horrified by the sight of them … but took on skinny jeans in the following months. I could not help but mention a pair of meggings that I bought from asos a while back.… Continue reading Meggings or Skinny Jeans?

Retro Cassette Leggings by Nebelkind

I’ve got a split brain regarding this pair of leggings. It’s one of my recent additions to my – can you call it a collection already? I bought the Rec. Leggings from Nebelkind as soon as I learned that they are a German company. They probably don’t manufacture themselves in Germany, but it’s a welcome change… Continue reading Retro Cassette Leggings by Nebelkind