Paisley from sTitch Leggings – Another Classic

When I first saw the sTitch leggings with paisley pattern, I instantly fell in love with it, and it didn’t take long, until I bought them. What I liked was the green color, and the playful, but not too crazy design. The black paisley was visible on the dark green background, but at the same time, it doesn’t scream “LOOK, IT’S ME: PAISLEY. ON LEGGINGS. WORN BY A MAN.”

It features the same characteristics as every leggings from sTitch: the logo on the left knee and the handy back pocket. One minor issue, I have is that the fabric tends to be on the thinner side of fabrics that I own and wear, and even gets a bit sheer when stretched. I don’t mind too much, since I always wear shirts long enough to cover my back, but if possible I’d rather see that improved. You’re hearing me, sTitch? 🙂

I had to take the photos in a hurry, so there not all that crisp and colors are a little off in some. Sorry for that, I’ll try to fix it in the following posts.

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Thanks for reading my blog, this means the world to me.





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