Tartan Leggings – Better Than A Kilt

You still might be asked, what You are wearing underneath. But apart from than, you get all the comfort of a pair of leggings with the classic tartan pattern. I’m not saying that Kilts are uncomfortable (on the contrary), but also … they are not leggings 🙂

This pair of tartan leggings is from London based brand sTitch Leggings. They are all unisize and one of their key differentiators is the back pocket, which I really love. It’s so useful to slip your phone in when you move around inside. Now, that I’m writing about it, I realize that I should have done a photo of the pocket. Sorry, I will try to think about it next time.

When going out, I usually carry a handbag (some might call it manbag?) for money, keys and phone.

I’ve combined the tartan leggings with a simple, long blue t-shirt, which picks up the blue from the tartan pattern.

So, what do you prefer? Kilt or leggings? Or has somebody tried a kilt with leggings? That could be fun, too.




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