Free Your Mind – With Jeffrey Scott’s Graffiti Leggings

This is probably the best made pair of leggings I own. Jeffrey is not only sewing them all by himself – this is why orders do have a lead time of several weeks. He is also customizing your pair individually to Your wishes. But, let’s take a look at the outfit first.

In this style, I combined the colorful and happy Graffiti tights with a simple red or grey tee. The leggings itself provide enough pattern and colors that the rest of the outfit can be toned down a bit. I chose the red shirt just because I liked how the red matches the pattern, but I like the length of the great top better, since it’s covering my “package” better.

Coming back to how well this pair of leggings is made. I requested the legs to be longer than usual, since typically the other leggings tend to be a bit too short for me. Jeffrey was kind enough to add two inches to each leg, which makes this the possibly best fitting pair of tights I own. As you can see from the details the fabric is really high quality, it’s thick and strong so you don’t have to worry about it getting sheer or torn, but not too thick. The print is vivid, rich in colors and detailed. This is also the first pair of leggings (apart from the ones that I have for running / workout) that has a drawstring. Actually, this is the only “minus” I can possibly find: I find the drawstring too big, the knot is getting somewhat … knotty and personally I find it a little bit uncomfortable, but not too much really.

Have you seen the many seams, that are used around the waist, to ensure that nothing is in danger of tearing, breaking or getting tangled? I really love the details.

Thanks Scott for my new favorite pair of leggings!


3 thoughts on “Free Your Mind – With Jeffrey Scott’s Graffiti Leggings

  1. Even though I do like the print, I personally would like the front as flat as possible, to make it more acceptable to wear. I wear leggings to the office even, but when I see the Jeffrey Scott ones, they are too much in the face with the bulging pouch, and that does not help to let them integrate for me. Thank goodness, there are a lot of options to choose from.

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    1. Hi Ted, I understand your point completly. What do you usually wear with leggings? I tend to wear shirts long enough to hide the pouch, so it doesn’t make much of a difference to me. When wearing a shorter shirt, I also prefer to have a look that’s not too provocative – I mean, the leggings in itself is provocative enough, isn’t it? 🙂

      Thanks for your comment, Ted.


      1. Hi Andreas,

        Concerning the knot you find yourself in when tying the knot in your Jeffrey Scott tights, there is actually no need to tie a knot: the thickness of the drawstring sees to it that it doesn’t slip!
        As far as the bulge is concerned, it doesn’t seem to cause offence with my fellow runners, be they male or female. But then of course, runners are used to slightly more revealing apparel than non-runners; as as a matter of routine they wear not only tights but also really short shorts and lycra trunks. That helps an amazing bit to overcome undue selfconsciousness 🙂


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