FutureBuzz from Kapow Meggings

This is my latest piece, FututeBuzz meggings from Kapow Meggings. I really like how the design is really colourful, and masculine without being too crazy. (Well, actually it is crazy, but there are even more crazy designs out there, you know what I mean).

I combined it with a long khaki T-Shirt from H&M to cover areas that I don’t want to expose to the public and combined it with a black cardigan (H&M) and my beloved black Dr. Martens high boots. They go really well with any meggings, in my opinion.

The fabric is really stretchy and rather thin, which makes it really comfortable and easy to put on. I’ve went with the “M” size, despite the fact that i usually by “L” when there are sizing options available. And while I found the fit ok around the waist and legs, the meggings could be longer on both ends (waist and ankles). So next time, I might try to size up.

I ordered it before I did the Interview with Jordan, so that I can judge the ordering process unbiased. Payment was done via PayPal in British Pound. I expected to be paying in either Euro or Australian Dollars, but apparently – despite Jordan being in Australia – the company’s address is in Great Britain.

If you want to order it too, remember to use the code ANDREAS20 to save 20% on your purchase!

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